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2023 Q3 Medicare Claims File Reports Available NOW!
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Hospice Analytics provides instant access to customized, comprehensive reports through an annual paid online subscription! Over 50 billion Medicare claims, Cost Reports, and data from additional national sources are summarized into relevant, easy-to-use spreadsheets and charts. Unique reports are available for individual purchase, and custom reports can be prepared to your specifications. For details, visit our Services page, or contact us directly.

Analytics clients run over 1,200 reports every month...

New! Organizational Referral Report! This exciting new report allows subscribers to quickly see the hospice referral patterns for each hospital, home health agency, and SNF. 
New! Hospice Analytics now offers Executive Summaries and Freestanding Hospice Cost Reports for individual purchase to enhance your access to critical business intelligence.


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Learn more about Hospice Analytics from Founder and CEO Cordt Kassner in the video below. Topics covered include the National Hospice Locator, InfoMAX Hospice Premier Reports, InfoMax Hospice Physician Reports, and our ability to do custom work.

2022 Hospice Utilization: we turn “data” into “information.” For example, this map features US counties, with darker shades of green indicating higher percentages of hospice utilization. The pins in the map represent each hospice, with larger pins indicating larger hospices.


As an added service to patients and families, Hospice Analytics created the National Hospice Locator, a comprehensive database of every known hospice in the country with descriptive features you can compare to find the hospice right for you or your loved one. 


I have found Hospice Analytics and Infomax to be extremely helpful when evalutating a hospice market. Understanding referral and utilization patterns, Medicare cost distribution, and palliative care penetration can help hospices identify opportunities for improvement, competitive analysis, and gaps in service lines. Being able to translate the information to excel or powerpoint is a valuable tool that Infomax performs seamlessly. I highly recommend this service as I believe it enhances ones ability to serve patients and families with advanced illness.
~ Janet Bull, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Four Seasons Compassion for Life

Cordt- Thanks for your integrity, both with how you work with the data and with your clients!

Thank you! You are making a difference with your data!

Emails from Cordt are like crack - I stop whatever I'm doing and open it! I love his insights!
~ we'll just leave that comment anonymous...


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