InfoMAX Frequently Asked Questions
v. 08/09/18


1. What kind of data are included in InfoMAX?

InfoMAX is primarily based on information included in Medicare claims for Medicare certified hospices, hospitals, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. Medicare Cost Reports, Census Bureau, and other information sources are also used.

2. What is the difference between Premier Reports and Physician Reports?

Premier Reports provides customized information for your service area regarding hospice utilization, payments and costs, mortality and discharge status, location of care, lengths of stay, patient demographics, and more. Visit the Premier Reports page to learn more.

Physician Reports offers detailed information on referral-to-hospice patterns for every physician in any area you define. Details regarding each physician's hospice referal patterns and breakdowns of the patient referrals by hospice, diagnosis, length of stay, and discharge status are provided. Visit the Physicans Reports page to learn more.

3. What if I only need one report, not all of them?

Several of the reports are available as standalone products:

Executive Summary Reports comparing your hospice with up to 10 other hospices located anywhere in the country. The Hospice Analytics Executive Summary Report presents accurate, up-to-date essential information providing your hospice with comparative, side-by-side data with your selection of competitive agencies as well as state and national averages. Metrics include:

    • Average and median length of stay
    • Beneficiaries discharged alive
    • Location of service
    • Mean Medicare reimbursement
    • Mean per diem cost per patient
    • % payer mix
    • % diagnosis mix
    • % utilization of levels of care 

Freestanding Hospice Cost Reports available here from Hospice Analytics contain all the information each hospice provided to Medicare. Our database of Cost Reports is updated weekly, bringing you the most current information available. Purchasing a standalone Hospice Cost Report allow you to see:

    • All reported financial information
    • Distribution of costs across cost center, departments, and services
    • Professional salaries and benefits
    • Payments to contract services
    • Revenue sources and amounts
    • Admissions, discharge, census, and utilization details
    • Capital, assets, and related costs, and much more!

Learn more about these reports and how to purchase them by clicking here.