Helpful Links To Additional Data Resources

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services:

  1. Market Saturation and Utilization Data Tool, 2/23/17
  2. Medicare Hospice Provider Utilization & Payment Data - 2014 (Public Use File), 12/20/16
  3. Hospice Data Directory & Data Sets, regularly updated. This is where a listing of all Medicare-certified hospices is and where national averages of HIS and CAHPS scores are currently posted. It is also the likely location where Hospice Compare will be posted.
  4. Current Hospice Item Set Measures, regularly updated
  5. New Medicare Drug Spending Data Files, 12/7/16
  6. Updated Medicare & Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard, 11/14/16


Kaiser Health News:

  1. 'Pre-Hospice' Saves Money by Keeping People At Home Near The End Of Life, 3/28/17