All Freestanding Hospice Cost Reports Now Available For Individual Purchase!


Click here to see a sample Freestanding Hospice Cost Report.  

Cost Reports available here from Hospice Analytics contain all the information as provided to Medicare by the submitting hospice. For any hospice in the country, you can see all reported financial information; distribution of costs across cost center, departments, and services; professional salaries and benefits; payments to contract services; revenue sources and amounts; admissions, discharge, census, and utilization details; capital, assets, and related costs, and much more! Our database of Cost Reports is updated weekly, bringing you the most current information available.

Use the form below to select the state and/or counties that you would like to search to find hospices. On following pages, you'll be able to select the specific Cost Report year for each hospice found in your search and pay by credit card ($150/report). Your receipt includes a link to download your Cost Reports. 

Additional Notes:

  1. Your one-time purchase of a Cost Report includes all the information available on the date of purchase.
  2. Freestanding hospice Cost Reports are included in InfoMAX Premier Hospice annual subscriptions (click here for addtional information), which allows you to re-run/refresh Cost Report information at any time during the year.
  3. National Access to all freestanding hospice Cost Reports for one year is available for $3000. Please contact Hospice Analytics for details.
  4. Hospital-based hospices typically complete a few pages in the Hospital Cost Report  These will be available shortl; likewise with home health agency-based Cost Reports and skilled nursing facility-based Cost Reports.
  5. After the hospice portions of hospital, home health agency, and skilled nursing facility-based Cost Reports are available, these full Cost Reports will also be available.
  6. Please contact Hospice Analytics with any questions or comments.


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