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New Hospice Physician Report Videos (each less than 5 minutes):

  • Part 1 - Overview of Premier Hospice Physician Reports
  • Part 2 - Introduction to the Excel spreadsheet Premier Hospice Physician Reports
  • Part 3 - Why you must have these reports! Discussions with Physicians
  • Part 4 - Why you must have these reports! Discussions with Health Systems

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PowerPoint Presentation Introducting Hospice Physician Reports
Free Demonstration: Login to InfoMAX, use email:, password: demo. After logging in, click on the "Physician Reports" tab on the left.


With our Physician Reports, you don't need to go to the expense and hassle of implementing a complex CRM program. . . . You also don't need to settle for a hardcopy report with minimal information you can't mine! Our online report-generating tool will give you access to detailed information on referral-to-hospice patterns for every physician in any area you define. You'll can learn which physicians are referring which patients to your program, to your competitors, or not at all. You'll also see breakdowns of the patient referrals by hospice, diagnosis, length of stay, and discharge status.

With this information at hand, you can prioritize marketing outreach, focus liaison staff time, and maximize your outreach resources.

 Like our InfoMAX market reports, our Physician Reports are generated in seconds or minutes as live Excel spreadsheets in several sections:

  • Report Summary lists up to 100 physicians in your defined area with the most hospice admissions
  • Referral Summary lists all non-hospice physicians in your defined area who have referred to hospice
  • Referral Detail drills down into more specific information about which physicians are referring which patients to which hospices
  • Hospice Summary and Hospice Detail mirror the Referral Summary and Detail, but for physicians who followed patients into their hospice stay 

Summary Reports include:

  • NPI number, full name and contact information
  • Medical specialities (up to 3)
  • Number of unique beneficiaries served
  • Total Medicare payment
  • Number of hospice admissions
  • Average length of stay of patients admitted to hospice
  • Total hospice payments


Detail Reports also include:

  • Number hospice patients deceased, discharged alive, still alive
  • Number of admissions to which hospices by diagnosis and level of care
  • Length of hospice stay for patients seen within each time frame



Please contact Hospice Analytics for additional information and pricing.