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Medicare claims through 2017 Q1 now live!


Analytics clients run over 1,200 reports every month...

For hospice providers, customized, comprehensive reports are instantly available through annual paid online InfoMAX subscriptions! Over 8 billion Medicare claims, Cost Reports, and other national data sources are summarized into relevant, easy-to-use spreadsheets and charts. Unique reports are available for individual purchase, and custom reports can be prepared to your specifications. For details, visit our Services page, or contact us directly.

For patients and families we offer the National Hospice Locator, a comprehensive database of every known hospice in the country with descriptive features you can compare to find the hospice right for you or your loved one. 

New! Hospice Physician Reports! Identify physicians by name that saw hospice patients up to one year prior to hospice admission!
New! Hospice Analytics now offers Executive Summaries and Freestanding Hospice Cost Reports for individual purchase to enhance your access to critical business intelligence.


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I have found Hospice Analytics and Infomax to be extremely helpful when evalutating a hospice market. Understanding referral and utilization patterns, Medicare cost distribution, and palliative care penetration can help hospices identify opportunities for improvement, competitive analysis, and gaps in service lines. Being able to translate the information to excel or powerpoint is a valuable tool that Infomax performs seamlessly. I highly recommend this service as I believe it enhances ones ability to serve patients and families with advanced illness.
~ Janet Bull, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Four Seasons Compassion for Life

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