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National Hospice Analytics is an Expert, Concierge, Research & Consulting Organization - and more.  Our diverse leadership team deeply cares about serving those at the end of life, and ensuring they receive the highest quality and best care possible.  Our core business is providing essential information for local, state, national, and international hospice and palliative care providers and organizations.  However, we reach far beyond the simple fee-for-service model by providing:

  • Volunteer Leadership on numerous Boards of Directors, committees, task forces, etc., committed to promoting the highest quality end-of-life care.  We proudly work with numerous students - from providing discreet data points for high school students to serving on doctoral dissertation committees.
  • Education through over 150 in-person presentations across 40 states - averaging 1.3 presentations / month for the past six years.
  • Intentional Low Pricing for all our services.  We believe high prices should not be a barrier for quality end-of-life providers to access the essential information we provide.
  • Conservation of resources. We purposefully moved to InfoMAX, our online data reporting system, not only because it is the most efficient way to work with big data sets, but because it replaced all of the paper, printing, and mailing costs associated with providing comprehensive reports in bulky 3-ring binders.  We office remotely and utilize technology (e.g., webinars) to replace costly travel whenever possible.

Founded in 2008, National Hospice Analytics is an information-sharing research organization whose mission is to improve hospice utilization and access to quality end-of-life care through analysis of Medicare and other national datasets.  
More than 50 percent of the State Hospice Organizations participate in National Hospice Analytics' InfoMAX Project. These State Hospice Organizations represent over 60 percent of the hospices serving over 70 percent of the hospice patients in the country.

Substantial revenue is shared with participating non-profit State Hospice Organizations.

 Our Staff 


Cordt T. Kassner, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Wagner

Cathy Wagner, RN, MSN, CHPN, MBA

Special Projects

Joy Berger, FT, DMA, BCC, MT-BC

Special Projects

Donald H. Taylor, Jr., PhD

Duke University, Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy; Hospice Analytics Faculty Affiliate



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