Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Expenditures

02/16/21 at 09:08 PM | by Cordt Kassner

The most expensive 1% of people account for 21% of total healthcare expenditures - seems I'm always looking for this...

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Racial Inequity in End-of-Life Care

02/09/21 at 01:00 PM | by Cordt Kassner

A few tools that might help...

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COVID-19 Resources

09/17/20 at 09:45 AM | by Cordt Kassner

A few tools that might help...

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Hospice HOPE Update

08/14/20 at 08:09 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Hospice TEP Quality Measurement updates.

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Healthy Days at Home

03/27/20 at 08:08 AM | by Cordt Kassner

A new quality measure to consider...

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Decrease Hospice Cap?

03/25/20 at 02:30 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Interesting implications...

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Hospice Policy

12/04/19 at 11:15 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Interesting hospice policy implications, if they pass this round or not...

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Hospice Margins

05/16/19 at 09:06 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Hospice margins differ by state.

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CMS Quality Conference

02/01/19 at 12:22 PM | by Cordt Kassner

CMS 2019 Quality Conference...

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Comparing Hospice Annual vs. Quarterly Claims Files

12/17/18 at 06:35 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Subtle, although interesting, differences between the Annual vs. Quarterly files...

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Improving Care at the End of Life

10/24/18 at 09:15 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Five big ideas to improve care at the end of life, and four background papers.

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OIG Special Agents Sound Off on Hospice Fraud, CMS Rules

08/13/18 at 08:23 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Follow-up on 2018 OIG Hospice Report...

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Vulnerabilities in the Medicare Hospice Program Affect Quality Care and Program Integrity: An OIG Portfolio

08/13/18 at 07:00 AM | by Cordt Kassner

OIG Report on Hospice Vulnerabilities, 7/18...

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