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07/23/19 at 08:32 AM by Cordt Kassner

I was asked to pull together and present a webinar for the Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey on free, publicly available data resources. I want to share these resources with you, too! Please review the annotated resources below, and as always please contact me with any questions.

  1. CMS Hospice PUFs: These Hospice Public Use Files from Medicare include tables summarizing information by provider and state. While perhaps a little dated (most current= 2016), they provide a wealth of comparative information for free.
  2. CMS Hospice Compare: Quality measures from both the Hospice Item Set and Hospice CAHPS are available to be compared either using their online user interface (allowing you to compare 3 providers at a time) or a national download.
  3. CMS Cost Reports: While everyone “loves to hate” the cost reports, they are the only resource available reporting hospice expenses and limited non-Medicare information. These files are downloaded as a “relational database” (think Access) and are a little tricky to put into a useable format, but they contain a lot of information that CMS is using more often now (e.g., they are comparing the cost to provide RHC and payments for it…).
  4. NHPCO Facts & Figures: This is a helpful annual overview of hospice in the country.
  5. US Census: The American Fact Finder and QuickFacts are intuitive user interfaces summarizing census information. Of course, you can download the spreadsheets here, too!
  6. Veteran Data: This site includes veteran population, state summaries, and more.
  7. Regulatory Reports: Standard regulatory reports include many hints regarding what CMS and the OIG are thinking about. You read them for regulatory guidance, but also consider them as research data tools, too:
    1. CMS Final Hospice Rule:
    2. MedPAC Report to Congress:
    3. MedPAC Hospice Presentations:
    4. MedPAC Data Book:
    5. OIG Reports:
      1. 2018 Hospice Vulnerabilities:
      2. 2019 Hospice Risks:
      3. 2019 Hospice Safeguards:


Cordt T. Kassner, PhD
CEO, Hospice Analytics

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