Improving Care at the End of Life

10/24/18 at 09:15 PM by Cordt Kassner

2016: Improving Care at the End of Life: A report of the Aspen Institute Health Strategy Group Forward by Kathleen Sebelius and Tommy G. Thompson.

This Report is divided into Two Parts.

  • Part 1: Five Big Ideas to Improve Care at the End of Life
    • Build the development and updating of an advance care plan into the fabric of life.
    • Redefine Medicare coverage in a way that meets the complex needs of people with serious illness.
    • Develop a set of quality metrics related to end-of-life care that can be used for accountability, transparency, improvement, and payment.
    • Increase the number and types of health professionals who can meet the growing needs of an aging population.
    • Support model communities embracing fundamental chane in the design and delivery of care for people with advanced illness.
  • Part 2: Background Papers
    • Overview of the End-of-Life Experience in the United States, Laura C. Hanson, MD MPH
    • Care at the End of Life, Diane E. Meier, MD
    • Financing Care at the End of Life: Ensuring Access and Quality in an Era of Value-Based Reforms, Haiden Huskamp, PhD and David Stevenson, PhD
    • Doing Right By the Seriously Ill: Ethical Norms for Care Near the End of Life, Mildred Z. Solomon, EdD

Worth the read!


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