Free!! Publicly Available Data Resources

07/23/19 at 08:32 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Please review the annotated resources below, and as always please contact me with any questions.

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Organ Donation and Hospice

07/15/19 at 01:35 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Most drivers have checked the organ donation box on their licenses, and half of dying people receive hospice. So how can hospices help solve organ and tissue donation shortages?

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Prison Hospice Experience Leads To Jobs

07/11/19 at 08:08 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Prison Hospice program provides training for jobs after release.

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Hospice HEART Quality Tool

06/18/19 at 07:55 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Updated... This will be something to watch...

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Hospice & Social Determinants of Health

06/17/19 at 11:42 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Hospices striving to address social determinants of health.

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Prison Hospice - IL

06/13/19 at 11:49 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Cool story about expanding prison hospice in Illinois - good work folks!

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Hospices Serving the Unbefriended

06/13/19 at 10:42 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Ethics circles talk about challenges with serving unbefriended patients in hospitals, but this is an interesting application to hospices.

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Abuse and neglect in nursing facilities unreported

06/13/19 at 10:32 AM | by Cordt Kassner

How might these methods impact hospice and home health providers?

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Myths around dying at home

04/13/19 at 11:49 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Interesting article - perhaps addressing a challenging topic infrequently discussed.

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Hospice Benefit Raises Big Bucks

02/13/19 at 07:44 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Maybe it's a Colorado thing...

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Colorado Medical Aid in Dying

02/06/19 at 08:52 AM

Colorado's 2nd year of Medical Aid in Dying.

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Tricare Now Accepting Pediatric Concurrent Care

01/23/19 at 09:18 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Pediatric concurrent hospice info...

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Changing how we die: Hospice care surges in Minnesota

12/31/18 at 02:38 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Positive hospice story in Minnesota...

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How Realistic is Dying at Home?

12/14/18 at 09:33 AM | by Cordt Kassner

It seems that dying at home is something only privileged people can do...

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Americans want to die at home, but resources are limited

12/13/18 at 01:12 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Most prefer to die at home, but don't...

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POLST Progress in Oregon

12/01/18 at 08:56 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Great POLST progress in Oregon, with some thoughts about how this progress has been made!

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NHPCO Palliative Care Report

11/06/18 at 09:16 AM | by Cordt Kassner

NHPCO just released a palliative care report...

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NCP Palliative Care Guidelines, 4th Edition

10/31/18 at 05:04 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Download and use them!

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

10/13/18 at 02:17 PM | by Cordt Kassner

By Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Quick book review.

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"Bucket Lists" and palliative care

09/25/18 at 09:50 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Bucket list discussions may be a helpful tool...

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AAHPM Awarded $5.5M to Develop Measures for Community-Based Palliative Care

09/24/18 at 01:28 PM | by Cordt Kassner

For more info...

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JourneyCare and Symphony Partner

08/19/18 at 12:20 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Hospice and Orchestra partner...

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Agrace Offers Home Care

08/18/18 at 09:08 AM | by Cordt Kassner

Hospice provider offers Home Care - mostly private pay personal care...

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The Four Things That Matter Most

08/15/18 at 03:30 PM | by Cordt Kassner

Classic and important book by Ira Byock.

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Prison Hospice

08/14/18 at 07:00 AM | by Cordt Kassner


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