InfoMAX Hospice Essential Reports

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Use InfoMAX Hospice Essential Reports to generate your own customized reports for your service area on hospice utilization, patient demographics, and more! State and national reports are available too! InfoMAX features instant online account access to the most currently available Medicare claims, Medicare Cost Reports, Census, and other information.

For less than you probably spend on office supplies, here's what you can do with InfoMAX: 

  • Enhance understanding of your service area demographics, hospice utilization, and competitive climate.
  • Increase census by targeting underserved population segments in your service area.
  • Track and trend utilization and services over time to improve financial and labor force forecasting.
  • Uncover operational and utilization patterns to improve patient care.
  • Identify "outlier" trends, such as too-long lengths of stay or too-high live discharge rates, and correct course before the OIG notices.
  • Investigate other hospice agencies for merger, acquisition, partnership, or alliance.
  • Strengthen outreach by deepening your market knowledge.
  • And so much more . . . . 

 includes the most current available information from Medicare Cost Reports and claims from hospice, hospital, home health, skilled nursing, and outpatient sectors, Census Bureau, and other sources to inform your strategy, access, outreach, and research efforts.  InfoMAX begins with over 6 billion records to generate your custom reports -- in seconds. Reports are generated in Excel, so you do your own additional calculations or analysis, and in graphical format, for presentations or handouts.

Hospice Essential Reports is our concise offering, and includes 6+ general report formats focused on hospice utilization and market share. Reports include:

  1. Hospice Utilization
  2. County Demographics
  3. Hospice Summary Information
  4. Hospital Summary Information
  5. Skilled Nursing Facility Summary Information
  6. Home Health Agency Summary Information


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